Pass Plus Driving Lessons

Pass Plus Driving Lessons Instructors in Merton, Kingston, Richmond, Wandsworth, Sutton, Croydon, and Hampshire

We provide Pass Plus Driving Lessons Instructors in Merton, Kingston, Richmond, Wandsworth, Sutton, Croydon, and Hampshire.

Pass Plus Driving Lessons

The Pass Plus Driving course provides you with more driving instruction and information to help you become a better driver, and you can never stop learning. It goes over many topics in more depth.

You learn how to cope with various road and traffic scenarios, many of which you’ve probably never encountered before. The training increases your awareness and understanding of dangers and teaches you how to anticipate, plan, and safely deal with them. It might take years to become a proficient driver, but Pass Plus can help you get there faster by providing professional instruction. If you are a fearful driver or aren’t quite ready to drive independently, Pass Plus is an excellent stepping stone.

According to statistics, freshly certified drivers are more sensitive than experienced drivers. Pass Plus provides expert teaching, assisting new drivers in gaining valuable experience, becoming more skilled drivers, developing an upbeat driving style, and lowering their chance of being involved in an accident.

The training teaches students how to drive under situations they may not have encountered when taking their initial driving test. If you are unsure about driving on highways, in the rain, or other adverse weather situations, the training is worth considering.

So don’t squander your time. Instead, get your Pass Plus Driving Lessons with your reputable local instructor!


Pass Plus is made up of six modules, each of which is aimed to offer the driver driving experience:

  • In the town/city centre
  • In all weather conditions
  • On country roads
  • Late at night
  • On two-lane highways
  • On highways

Pass Plus is a practical training session that lasts at least 6 hours. It helps drivers enhance their abilities. The course can only be delivered by a properly certified driving instructor registered with the DVSA.

There is no final exam; instead, your teacher will assess you during the course and fill out a training report form. To pass, you must achieve the requisite standard in each module.

To acquire your certificate after completing the Pass Plus course, you must return your training report form, signed by you and your instructor, to the DVSA.

Pass Plus Driving Lessons Instructors in Merton, Kingston, Richmond, Wandsworth, Sutton, Croydon, and Hampshire

Pass Plus is available to everyone who has completed their practical driving test. However, it is particularly useful to newly qualified drivers.

If you have completed Pass Plus, certain insurers may give a discount on your auto insurance coverage. In addition, you may be required to supply information on your Pass Plus certificate. So, make sure you get yours by forwarding your signed training report form to the DVSA.

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Pre Paid Lessons Bookings

Block Lessons Bookings

Block booking discounts only valid when pay in advance and does not include driving test fee neither the hire of car on the test day.

The hire of the car includes one hour of practice prior to the test, one hour for the test, and one hour to get the candidate home. Hire of car on test day.

Price does not include extended driving test. Hire a car for an extended driving test fee is £135.00 for a manual car and £135.00 for an automatic car.

Pass plus course contains minimum of 6 hours. Pass plus certificate only applied when minimum of 6 hours are completed.