Intensive Driving Lessons

Intensive Driving Lessons Instructors in Merton, Kingston, Richmond, Wandsworth, Sutton, Croydon, and Hampshire

We provide Intensive Driving Lessons Instructors in Merton, Kingston, Richmond, Wandsworth, Sutton, Croydon, and Hampshire.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Intensive Driving Lessons are intended for learner drivers who need to pass their driving test quickly. Those who have never driven before may pass the test in four weeks. Those who have previously driven or need to retake their driving test may be ready in as little as one week. During Intensive Driving Lessons, you might be driving for many hours every day.

The lessons are tailored to your needs to be as effective as possible. All driving instructors have properly certified Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency authorised driving instructors who are motivated and devoted to giving the most incredible value to the student. The courses are all adaptable and designed for students who want to pass fast and successfully.

However, since every individual is different, your instructor will examine your present driving abilities and learning pace before enrolling in an intensive driving course. Consequently, Intensive Driving Lessons are appropriate for drivers of all skill levels, including learner drivers with little or no experience.

So, are you in a hurry to pass your driving test? Whether you’re a beginner or someone who has just failed an exam and needs further practise and assistance, you can book your first lesson today!


Some people choose intensive driving lessons to obtain their licence as soon as feasible. These are usually two weeks of daily courses ranging from two to five hours long. If going from complete beginner to qualified driver in just two weeks makes you nervous, you’re not alone.

We do not doubt that someone can complete a two-week course and pass their exam. However, we are sceptical that this will give a solid basis for becoming a safe, competent driver for the rest of one’s life.

Another factor to consider for those in a rush is securing a driving test slot may take some time. It is not unusual for testing centres to be booked months in advance. Even if you take extensive driving lessons, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to arrange a test right away – so keep this in mind.

Intensive Driving Lessons Instructors in Merton, Kingston, Richmond, Wandsworth, Sutton, Croydon, and Hampshire

Driving crash classes and intense driving training are the same things. The term “crash course” carries negative connotations, yet it means the same thing. It’s like doing all your revision the night before a major test, hoping you’ll remember enough to go through but not comprehending what you’re doing.

There is no minimum need for hours of practise or the number of lessons attended when applying for your practical exam. You only need a temporary licence and documentation of passing your driving theory exam. Although this implies that an intensive driving course may appear possible, we all know what practice makes perfect.

Everyone is different, and some individuals learn quickly while others take a bit longer. So we recommend starting with a 10-hour driving lesson bundle, normally done in 2-hour increments, and then chatting with the instructor about how many additional hours you would need to be test ready. That may be all it takes, but keep in mind that the average is 45 hours of professional practice to pass – some require more, others require less, depending on the individual.

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Pre Paid Lessons Bookings

Block Lessons Bookings

Block booking discounts only valid when pay in advance and does not include driving test fee neither the hire of car on the test day.

The hire of the car includes one hour of practice prior to the test, one hour for the test, and one hour to get the candidate home. Hire of car on test day.

Price does not include extended driving test. Hire a car for an extended driving test fee is £135.00 for a manual car and £135.00 for an automatic car.

Pass plus course contains minimum of 6 hours. Pass plus certificate only applied when minimum of 6 hours are completed.